Thinking and Literacy of AI

This course explains how computers analyze data and accumulate experiences through machine learning and deep learning, two of the most common types of learning. It further elaborates on how they notice mistakes and correct themselves based on experience. (Chinese Classes)

Multimedia Design Basic Course

“Multimedia Design Basic Course” is explanted by the design concepts, analysis of examples, and application of dynamic design tools. Students will be guided to learn the knowledge framework of image design theory and the practical introduction to dynamic image. (Chinese Classes)

The Foundation of Cloud Computing for Smart Services

This course introduces and implements the Amazon Cloud Platform (AWS) that carries AI and Machine Learning application services, and guides learners through practical operations on the AWS cloud computing platform, to establish the basic concepts of cloud computing, and understands related applications on smart services. Additionally, this course provides simple examples for learners to experience AI and Machine Learning related application services. (Chinese Classes)

Circular Economy

This course starts from the establishment of a circular ecosystem (aquaponics) as a teaching module, and guides students into the concept of circular economy through ecological cycles and the big data ecological economy. It integrate humanities and technology, theory and practice. (English Classes)

Experiencing business intelligence

This course introduces how to use Python to implement basic machine learning algorithms, including supervised and unsupervised learning, on topics such as hierarchical clustering, k-means, KNN, decision trees, and simple Bayesian algorithms. Through learning and implementing these algorithms, students will be able to acquire the basic skills of data analysis and pattern recognition. (English Classes)

Taiwan to the world 1
Taiwan to the world 2

The objective of the program aims to explore sustainable development in Taiwan, by introducing its geographical location, economic growth and future prospects from the triple perspectives of economics, technology, and culture. (English Classes)

Exploring Corporate Governance

This course will introduce to you a framework of corporate governance. Corporate governance is a series of mechanism designs that are used to mitigate agency problems of a firm and enhance its value. In this course, I will present various governance mechanisms covering both internal and external corporate governance. (English Classes)